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GFB 24 wanted to create a Virtual training program to cover some of the most important skills in the game of basketball. 


Join me, as I train you in virtually the same workouts I put my Pros and top high-school players through. Our programs are designed to accommodate for every skill level. 


The program will consist of:

  • Running Speed and Acceleration 

  • Plyometrics and Explosiveness 

  • Core strength, balance, and joint stability 

  • Flexibility 

  • Ball-handling 

  • Shooting techniques 

  • Finishing 

  • Low-Post

  • Mid-Post

  • Perimeter Moves

  • Mid-range Moves

  • Triple Threat Moves

  • Using | Setting Ball Screens

  • SARQ Performance

  • Defense 

  • Mental Performance 

  • 4 weeks Evaluation Form


1 hour of LIVE Virtual Training

4 sessions $160.00

8 sessions $320.00

Virtual Workout Plan

These 6-Week programs are designed for athletes who want to finally take their game to the level they are looking to reach. 

  • Daily Workout Plan 

  • Video For Specific Skill

  • Shooting Chart


Choose from the follow program:

  • Finishing $30

  • Shooting $30

  • Ball Handling $30

  • Perimeter Move $30

  • Mid-Range & Separation Move $30

  • Using Ball Screen $30

  • Defense Footwork Drills $30

You will work on the same skill movement you need in games in a gradual development and driven process so you will see the results you have always wanted.

If you follow the daily routine set out in detail for you, you will be astonished how well you progress to achieve in just 4 weeks.

To book a session go to for more information

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