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Gigi Brown 
Founder | Basketball Performance Trainer

Gigi Brown, also known as "Gigi in the Place to Be" is a Professional Basketball Tactical Skills Trainer, Basketball Performance Coach, Motivational Performance Speaker, and CEO of GFB 24 Basketball Program; a training firm with a growing list of Professional and Collegiate players. 

Brown has been working for NBPA (National Basketball Player Association) for 5 years as NBPA Head Trainer of the Grassroots Program presented by Hospital for Special Surgery. The program designed to help athletes from ages 9 - 17. To develop their skills on and off the court through innovative, live, and online basketball and life skill development experiences. 

Gigi Brown was born and raised in Brooklyn, East New York, NY. Where she learned the game of basketball. Brown graduated earning her Bachelor of Science degree in Movement Science in 2007. She then became a certified NASM Sports Performance Enhancement Specialist. 


Our mission is to inspire athletes to elevate their level of confidence through preparation and hard work with our training methodology..  

Our focus is to enhance the athlete’s game performance through GFB 24 methodology. Many exercises will simulate similar, or the same movement patterns that the athlete will use in basketball game set. By increasing the athlete’s strength and having a better understanding of how to move correctly, it can reduce the risk of injury and result in higher success on the court.

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